finding neverland

On this lovely Sunday I went with a few of the girls back to Kensington Gardens. We walked around taking photos, hanging out with Peter and I finally figured out exactly which bench was used in Finding Neverland! πŸ™‚ Katy and I wanted to take a picture, but sadly there were two couples sitting there. So we waited until one of the couples left and we took a few photos. We then apologized to the lovely older couple sitting next to us and then explained that it had been used in the movie. They were so sweet and offered to take a photo of all four of us on the bench! After that I believe we made a trip to Portobello Market, where I bought myself a Jack Wills shirt! It was a perfect Sunday, I wish I could do the same everyday!

Italian Gardens

A bit nicer today than last time I was there!

Karina took this one!

Photo thanks to Katy! I was pretty excited!

Pretty sure this one is thanks to Karina!


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