Oxford vs Cambridge

On the 26th a group of us went to the Cambridge vs Oxford boat race along the Thames. It was freezing that day, but we all decided to dress up anyway. We found a spot to sit and waited. Suddenly everyone stood up and the teams were heading towards us, but something was a bit different and as the group I was with decided to pack up and leave, I heard a girl beside us say that that hadn’t been the race. I ended up staying behind by myself to watch the actual race. I had come there to see it, so why wouldn’t I stay? I sat and talked with a few students from Oxford, one from England, one from Texas and the other from Canada. Oxford won, by the way!

Another photo courtesy of Katy!

This one's from Tori!

I took a video as well, to create my own version of my favorite scene in The Social Network, but it didn’t quite work out. I’m still trying to make it, so I might upload it later! After the race I just happened to run into the girls again waiting for the tube. So we went into Camden to have dinner at the Blues Kitchen, which was amazing. One of my favorite places in London! I definitely recommend it if you’re in Camden!


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