Big Ben

Today was our second day of our London walking tour and I was extremely excited. I would finally be seeing one of the most iconic buildings in London, the gorgeous Parliament!

Les Mis on the underground

Gates around Buckingham

We started our tour that day at Buckingham Palace. So lovely, I really wish I would have been able to go inside while I was there, but sadly it was closed to visitors.

Buckingham Palace!

Some of the study abroad students

Victoria Memorial

Taken by Kendra

We traveled down the mall and stopped over at St. James’s Palace before continuing towards Piccadilly Circus.

St. James's Palace

I didn't mind seeing Andrew Garfield all over the city!

Piccadilly Circus

My new best friends Will and Kate!

Lily Allen's vintage clothing shop

We eventually made it to Trafalgar Square where I finally spotted Big Ben! 🙂 (And yes I am aware technically Big Ben is the bell, but ah who really cares!)

Trafalgar Square

Wish you were here

And there it is...Parliament!

Big Ben! Parliament certainly is one of the most beautiful buildings in London, in my opinion. This was another one of those times where I absolutely could not believe I was finally here, I had finally made it to London.

Westminster Abbey

The gorgeous Westminster Abbey, where I would spend Easter Sunday!

Westminster Abbey

Statue of Benjamin Disraeli


London Eye

My dad, Kendra and I traveled across the Westminster Bridge to photograph Parliament and look there’s the London Eye!

Photoshoot along the Thames

I really wish I knew more about this photoshoot and don’t you just love the tire of trash floating in the Thames?

That night was my dad’s last night in London. It was extremely hard to see him go, but I knew he would be back in just a few weeks with my mom and sister! We went to TGI Fridays that night and I had a bit of comfort food, chicken fingers with ranch dressing. 🙂 So far my first few days in London were going wonderfully and I would begin my first day of classes the next morning!


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