Platform 9 3/4

Looking back I really regret not writing down the events of the day for the first couple weeks I was in London. I feel as if I’m getting some of the days mixed up, but ah oh well! If I remember correctly, we spent sometime at school. After that my dad and I went to Primark, also known as the worst place to shop ever despite all the super cute stuff at really cheap prices. It’s like Black Friday everyday there. (Found some hilarious One Direction stuff there! Shirt & Underwear, yes underwear.) I picked up some new bedding and a few things for my room. We went to dinner that night at Pizza Express with one of my classmates, Kendra who’s from New York! Loved Pizza Express, especially the dough balls with nutella! We then finished the night back at St. Pancras and King’s Cross and this time we finally found platform 9 and 3/4!

Inside St. Pancras Train Station

The Meeting Place by Paul Day.

Looks like it's now a fake wall thanks to the construction.


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