Woodland Court

It was early when we called a cab and traveled over to the housing. The cabbie was extremely helpful this time and really sweet. Woodland Court was where I would be living for the next three months. It was located in Islington, just a short bus ride away from Camden. It was a fairly new building.

I was introduced to one of my resident assistants and he showed me to my room, which was on the very bottom level and facing a brick wall. I was slightly disappointed at first, but became extremely thankful seeing as it was probably the quietest location.

Closet with no hangers, but extra pillows!

Smallest shower.

Also I have to say, it was a terribly uncomfortable bed. I had to sleep with a pillow under my back.

There was a long hallway when you entered the door, which had six doors off to the left, the first was the kitchen and the rest were bedrooms. My room was in E. It was a decent size, probably a bit smaller than some of my dorms, but the bed was larger and I had my own bathroom! The kitchen was a kind of gross, to put it simply, it hadn’t been cleaned since the last students left. No dishwasher meant that things sat in the sink for quite a while. I eventually stuck to using paper and plastic.

Not my photo. From: http://www.studentstreet.co.uk This isn't our exact set up for the kitchen, ours was wider and not as long as this.

Later in the day most of the students traveled to Covent Garden with one of the professors, Tony. I had dinner with a few of the girls at Gourmet Burger Kitchen. Also stopped into Snog, which is a bit like Pinkberry’s frozen yogurt. It was delicious with strawberries and white chocolate stars! I regret never going back while I was there! Later that night I met up with my dad and headed to King’s Cross, searching for platform 9 3/4, but sadly came up empty handed. (It was under construction at the time). So we made our way over to St. Pancras, (Which is the train station they actually use as the outside of King’s Cross in Harry Potter.) before getting on the 274 and heading back to my flat!


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