finding neverland

On this lovely Sunday I went with a few of the girls back to Kensington Gardens. We walked around taking photos, hanging out with Peter and I finally figured out exactly which bench was used in Finding Neverland! 🙂 Katy and I wanted to take a picture, but sadly there were two couples sitting there. So we waited until one of the couples left and we took a few photos. We then apologized to the lovely older couple sitting next to us and then explained that it had been used in the movie. They were so sweet and offered to take a photo of all four of us on the bench! After that I believe we made a trip to Portobello Market, where I bought myself a Jack Wills shirt! It was a perfect Sunday, I wish I could do the same everyday!

Italian Gardens

A bit nicer today than last time I was there!

Karina took this one!

Photo thanks to Katy! I was pretty excited!

Pretty sure this one is thanks to Karina!


Oxford vs Cambridge

On the 26th a group of us went to the Cambridge vs Oxford boat race along the Thames. It was freezing that day, but we all decided to dress up anyway. We found a spot to sit and waited. Suddenly everyone stood up and the teams were heading towards us, but something was a bit different and as the group I was with decided to pack up and leave, I heard a girl beside us say that that hadn’t been the race. I ended up staying behind by myself to watch the actual race. I had come there to see it, so why wouldn’t I stay? I sat and talked with a few students from Oxford, one from England, one from Texas and the other from Canada. Oxford won, by the way!

Another photo courtesy of Katy!

This one's from Tori!

I took a video as well, to create my own version of my favorite scene in The Social Network, but it didn’t quite work out. I’m still trying to make it, so I might upload it later! After the race I just happened to run into the girls again waiting for the tube. So we went into Camden to have dinner at the Blues Kitchen, which was amazing. One of my favorite places in London! I definitely recommend it if you’re in Camden!

first week in London

So seeing as I don’t remember a great amount from that first week, I decided to put a few days into one post.

March 22, 2011
Sadly, I managed to get sick the second day and ended up with a sore throat and a terrible cough. But let me say, I absolutely loved my blackcurrant cough drops! I think we need some here! However, despite feeling a bit under the weather I still went shopping in Camden with one of the girls who’s practically from the same town as I am (just a few minutes away from each other) and then we went to the Sports Cafe, even though I’m really not a fan of going to bars and clubs. It was fun though and strangely enough, they played American music most of the night, but the only song I knew the words to was by Jessie J.

Made a quick stop at McDonald's before getting on the bus back home. (One of Tori's photos, hopefully she doesn't mind me using them!)

March 23, 2011
The next day I was back to class with fashion photography. I had the same teacher for this class as well and practically all the same people were in the class! That night Tony, who took us on the tour of the city, would be taking us on a Hidden Pub Crawl. Our first stop was at the Cittie of Yorke, it really was lovely place!

Photo from

Vanity Fair

Cider and black!

Next we went to The Knights Templar, I didn’t take any pictures in there, but the bathrooms were so cool as strange as that might sound. Also when we were in the bathroom, a woman started talking to a few of us, commenting on our accents. She said that she knew my accent was from Ohio, but I think she may have been just a bit drunk!

Photo from

After that we went to The Old Bank of England, which is supposedly where Sweeney Todd’s barber shop and Mrs. Lovett’s pie shop once were.

Photo from

Photo from

Lastly, we went to Olde Chesire Cheese, Mark Twain and Charles Dickens are said to have been regulars.

March 24, 2011
Thursday was my first day of my internship at a hair and makeup school! Everyone was so nice! I ran a few errands and then got done quite early so I decided to spend some time in Regents Park while I waited for my class later that day. I could not get over how wonderful the weather was, such lovely sunshine! It certainly wasn’t very “London like”.
March 25, 2011
That Friday I went with a few of the girls to famous Portobello Market! I just loved it! Walking through Notting Hill was so cool! All of the shops were wonderful and I was especially excited to find an All Saints and Jack Wills along the street! I believe I somehow resisted buying anything this trip, but I definitely returned later on! We even saw the actress Anna Chancellor while we were there!

All Saints! Thanks to Katy for this one!

An extremely delicious strawberry & nutella crepe! Thanks to Tori for this photo!

So that’s the round up of my first week! Now onto the weekend!


I’ll be honest, I was pretty nervous for the first day of classes. I mean really, when am I not nervous about school. That Monday, I had my advertising photography class and my internship orientation class. My professor was a wonderful photographer named John Gray, I certainly learned a lot from him. Once again, the day is a bit of a blur, so I’ll just post some photos of the school that my mom actually took when she visited!

Marylebone High Street where AIU is located

The entrance to the AIU main building. Photo from

Inside the main building

The building just around the corner where I had my classes.

Big Ben

Today was our second day of our London walking tour and I was extremely excited. I would finally be seeing one of the most iconic buildings in London, the gorgeous Parliament!

Les Mis on the underground

Gates around Buckingham

We started our tour that day at Buckingham Palace. So lovely, I really wish I would have been able to go inside while I was there, but sadly it was closed to visitors.

Buckingham Palace!

Some of the study abroad students

Victoria Memorial

Taken by Kendra

We traveled down the mall and stopped over at St. James’s Palace before continuing towards Piccadilly Circus.

St. James's Palace

I didn't mind seeing Andrew Garfield all over the city!

Piccadilly Circus

My new best friends Will and Kate!

Lily Allen's vintage clothing shop

We eventually made it to Trafalgar Square where I finally spotted Big Ben! 🙂 (And yes I am aware technically Big Ben is the bell, but ah who really cares!)

Trafalgar Square

Wish you were here

And there it is...Parliament!

Big Ben! Parliament certainly is one of the most beautiful buildings in London, in my opinion. This was another one of those times where I absolutely could not believe I was finally here, I had finally made it to London.

Westminster Abbey

The gorgeous Westminster Abbey, where I would spend Easter Sunday!

Westminster Abbey

Statue of Benjamin Disraeli


London Eye

My dad, Kendra and I traveled across the Westminster Bridge to photograph Parliament and look there’s the London Eye!

Photoshoot along the Thames

I really wish I knew more about this photoshoot and don’t you just love the tire of trash floating in the Thames?

That night was my dad’s last night in London. It was extremely hard to see him go, but I knew he would be back in just a few weeks with my mom and sister! We went to TGI Fridays that night and I had a bit of comfort food, chicken fingers with ranch dressing. 🙂 So far my first few days in London were going wonderfully and I would begin my first day of classes the next morning!

along the River Thames

This was the first day I truly felt like I was in London. Our professor Tony took us on a walking tour of some of the city. We started at St. Paul’s Cathedral. Sadly, we didn’t have a chance to go inside any of the places we visited.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

St. Paul's Cathedral.

Millennium Bridge.

Next we traveled along the Millennium Bridge (also known as the Wibbly Wobbly Bridge and the bridge they destroyed in Harry Potter!) I had my first glimpse of Tower Bridge!

Millennium Bridge with St. Paul's Cathedral in the distance.

The Globe Theater.

We then stopped at The Globe Theater, another place I had always dreamed of visiting. And luckily a few weeks later I had the chance to see a play there!

Clink Museum.

Under London Bridge.

Along the Thames and my least favorite building in London, 'The Gherkin'.

Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge.

We then crossed Tower Bridge back to the other side of the Thames!

Tower Bridge.

Tower Bridge.

Tower of London.

Tower of London with City Hall in the distance.

I then had lunch with my dad and Kendra at a little Fish and Chips place near by! I’m pretty sure we did a bit more shopping that day and then finished with dinner at the Spaghetti House (the best lasagne I’ve ever had!) I was so excited for the next day, I would finally get to see Big Ben!

Platform 9 3/4

Looking back I really regret not writing down the events of the day for the first couple weeks I was in London. I feel as if I’m getting some of the days mixed up, but ah oh well! If I remember correctly, we spent sometime at school. After that my dad and I went to Primark, also known as the worst place to shop ever despite all the super cute stuff at really cheap prices. It’s like Black Friday everyday there. (Found some hilarious One Direction stuff there! Shirt & Underwear, yes underwear.) I picked up some new bedding and a few things for my room. We went to dinner that night at Pizza Express with one of my classmates, Kendra who’s from New York! Loved Pizza Express, especially the dough balls with nutella! We then finished the night back at St. Pancras and King’s Cross and this time we finally found platform 9 and 3/4!

Inside St. Pancras Train Station

The Meeting Place by Paul Day.

Looks like it's now a fake wall thanks to the construction.